International Festival of Mototourism GAGARIN CUP – 2017  will take place in one of the beautiful cities of the world and the capital of Russia – Moscow in June 1th – 4th, 2017. Interesting excursions around the City, bright and interesting show-programs at the famous Moscow Bike-Center, several motoparades around the region and acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions.

To take part at the Festival, You need to read regulations and the program of the Event and fill up the entry form. We can also help You with visa assistance.

GAGARIN CUP is dedicated to the first cosmonaut – Jury Gagarin, who was the first human reached the space. GAGARIN CUP is the old Russian relic, which was founded by Auto-moto-club of the USSR in 1964 year and was awarding from the name of Russian Federation to the greatest number of motorcyclists, riding motorcycles of all categories, groups and classes at the all international events up to 1973 year and later was lost. GAGARIN CUP will be given to the greatest numbering national team. In 2015 GAGARIN CUP went to Finnish Team, captain Mikael Heikkila. Slovakian Team, leaded by captain Dusan ‘Morgan’ Konya was awarded by GAGARIN CUP – 2016 for the greatest number of national motorcylists, came to the event.

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Second award of Festival is TERESHKOVA CUP. It is dedicated to the first female-cosmonaut of the world Valentina Tereshkova and will be given to the best national female motorcycle team of the world. Chezh Team, headed by Andrea Gurevich, took TERESHKOVA CUP in 2015 year. TERESHKOVA CUP – 2016 was get by Slovakin Team with Irena Bozhekova at the head of it.


Third Cup is LEONOV CUP. It is dedicated to Aleksey Leonov, the first human, who went out to the open space from the board of spaceship. LEONOV CUP will be given to the best motorcycle, coming to the International festival of mototourism GAGARIN CUP. Slovakian mototourists won LEONOV CUP in 2015 year with the best tour-bike of Dusan Konya. LEONOV CUP – 2016 was dilivered to Jaroslav Domkar from Chezh Republic, having the best touristic motorcycle, came to the Festival at 2016 year.


The participants of the Festival always have bright excursion’s program, several motorcycles’ runs around the region and get acquainted with Russian culture and traditions and they have possibility to look at Russia from inside.

Feel free to ask any questions by the e-mail.