September 20-28, 2020



  • The route «Kosovo Polje» will pass through the military-historical places, cultural heritage sites of Serbia and by the roads of Russian military glory.
  • The total length of the route is 1,700 kilometers. Time on the road is 9 days.
  • Detailed route (active link): ROUTE


Accommodation of participants of the event in places of overnight stops is carried out by collective booking of rooms in hotels, motels, apartments, pilgrimage centers in the cities: Belgrade, Jagodina, Krushevac, Kosovska Mitrovica, Gracanica, Vranje, Nis, Negotin, Pozarevac.

Room reservations are made by event organizers on the basis of completed application forms.


Meals for participants include daily breakfast and lunch. Dinner and extra meals are paid for on their own.

The organization of meals is carried out by the organizers of the event on the basis of completed application forms.


The «Kosovo Polje» tour program includes visits to all cultural heritage sites indicated on the route with the involvement of professional guides and historians.

The organization of the excursion program is carried out by the organizers of the event on the basis of completed application forms.

The excursion program includes visits to cultural and historical sites and memorials:

  • Russian cemetery in Belgrade
  • Memorials and burials of Soviet soldiers in Kragujevac
  • Shumarice Memorial Park
  • Monument to fallen soldiers in Kragujevac
  • Memorial to victims of NATO aggression in Kragujevac
  • Cemetery of Soviet soldiers «Russka Grobla» in Jagodina
  • Ravanica Monastery
  • Lazarica Monastery
  • Museum complex Krushevac Fortress
  • Monument to Prince Lazar in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Temple of Dmitry Solunsky in Mitrovica
  • Gazimestan Memorial Complex
  • Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija
  • Medieval town of Prilepnica. Memorial of Tsar Lazar
  • Draganac Monastery
  • Monastery of Prokhor Pchinsky
  • Buban Memorial
  • Museum Complex «Concentration Camp «Red Cross»
  • Memorial of Soviet soldiers in Nis
  • Memorial to victims of NATO aggression in Nis
  • Tower of Skulls — Chele Kula
  • Divlansky monastery. Russian cemetery
  • Monastery of St. Roman. Grave of Colonel Raevsky
  • Memorial of Soviet soldiers in Zaechar
  • Landing site of the Danube flotilla in Prahovo and Radujevac, the beginning of the operation to liberate Belgrade, on the morning of September 28, 1944
  • Monument to Soviet soldiers in Negotin
  • Golubats Fortress
  • Monastery of Tuman
  • Monument to the fallen Red Army soldiers in Pozharevac
  • Monument to the Red Army in Pancevo
  • Memorial Complex «Cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade


Anyone can join the «Kosovo Polje» route by motorcycle or car. To participate in the event, you must complete the application for participation by contacting the section (active link) ENTRY FORM. The Kosovo Pole project provides financial support to 20 participants in the event in the form of compensation for part of the costs of accommodation, meals and a tour program. Additional participation in the project of organizations and individuals is paid independently.


The entry fee is 295 €. The amount is fixed in € or the equivalent in local currency. All payments will be made in Euros (€). The transfer costs are to be paid by the expeditor.

The entry fee will be paid in full (100%) by the participant before September, 5th 2020 to the following account, with the wording «Vznos» and a mandatory notification of payment to

  • Account holder:  Federation of Mototourism
  • Name of the bank:  Sberbank
  • Address: 123060, Russia, Moscow, ul.Raspletina, d.10, korp.1
  • Account No:  40703978738000000061

The Entry Fee consists of:

  • Accommodation in hotels — 120 €
  • Meals (breakfast and lunch) — 110 €
  • Excursion escort on the route — 35 €
  • Transportation services (escort car, tow truck) — 15 €
  • Booking services — 15 €

*The deadline for the fee entries is 5th September 2020.   Approximate cost of fuel on the route (refuelling independently):

  • 138  € / 1.700 km — 1 motorcycle
  • 180  € / 1 700 km — 1 car


It is possible to rent motorcycles and cars for the entire route or part of it. Discounts are provided for event participants. For rental, contact the organizing committee:


The headquarters of the Organizing Committee for registration of participants of the event works online around the clock.


  • Address: Russia, 123423, Moscow, Nizhnye Mnevniki St., 110.
  • Phones:
  • +7 985 684 09 23 (Russian, English)
  • +7 926 119 14 23 (Russian, English) viber, whatsapp
  • +7 926 894 34 34 (Russian, Serbian) viber, whatsapp
  • e-mail: